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Anikka Forbes is a London-based actress, and model that has been featured in national TV commercials for global brands, appeared in a music video for a world-known artist as well as short films plus also graced the theatrical stage at Hackney Empire in a well-received production.

It was back in ‘1996 she experienced her first photoshoot of many to start building her modelling portfolio including a photo taken by photographer Osman Deen which had been published in

The Pride Magazine in 2002.


Born in (Peckham) South-East London, Anikka aka Nicky has always been creative and innovative.  She has been a writer since her youth and has finally taken her many years of writing daily in her diaries about her life into her first published book called; 


The Journey of a Hidden Princess:  A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline.


While growing up in London, she was detached from her father’s Nigerian roots but came to find out that her great-grandfather was a seated King in Nigeria.  By birthright, Anikka was born into the family of a member of the ancient Oro [Oro so gudu gudu] Royal house of Iléṣa. It is one of the four ruling families of Iléṣa and has been, since the reign of Owa Obokun Atakumosa 900 years ago.


Her natural beauty and tall stature have made her ideal to cast in commercials, music videos and stage plays. 


Anikka has appeared in commercials for sandwich restaurant Subway and Kit Kat chocolate bar had an article printed in The Sun Newspaper, featured in Passenger (Scare Away the Dark) Music video and recently appeared on ITV Judge Rinder in Feb '2017.


Featured as an actress in the following stage play productions like Strictly Bingo (Oxford House and Hackney Empire), Unfinished Women Cry in no Man’s Land and Good Black Men and Good Black Women.  While also playing the role as a mum in the following Feature Film SE1 and Short-Film Back 2 Afro.

Anikka sees herself as 'Lady of Variety' who does not believe in limiting herself!!!