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Born in the great city of London, England, Anikka Forbes always knew that she was different. Even down to her last name not belonging to either of her parents, its not a story you come across every day! 


Throughout her life this puzzled her in spite of her mothers' reason as to why it was done, blaming it on her father when both are responsible.  It wasn’t until her mid-thirties that she discovered her father’s bloodline and that she was a descendant of Nigerian Royalty, whose throne traces back 900 years and her history was hidden to keep her Nigerian ancestry a secret while growing up in Britain.


Although technically a princess, Anikka has experienced the ups and downs of life like most.  In her debut book, you will enjoy Anikka’s journey as she allows you to glimpse into a few years of her eighteen years of recording (every day to some days) life events in the diaries she kept.


Her book will have you laughing, crying, intrigued and captivated as a 'Lady of Colour' whose ancestry traces back to royalty takes you into her most intimate thoughts and experiences.  In reading the book, The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline, not since Princess Diana will a reader come up close and personal with a lady who in spite of her royalty is genuine, truthful and humble.

LONDON, England - The year 2017 marked the twentieth anniversary of the tragic death of Princess Diana.


Although she was a part of the British royal family, the world mourned the devastating and unexpected death of their beloved princess as they embraced her as their own. Princess Diana was loved because she could relate to all and was an open book to the public during her time in the spotlight. Britain has now given us another princess who is even more like your girl next door, with no filter and more open with her truth than Princess Dian who will always be loved


British author, model, actress, blogger, youtube, and podcaster Anikka Forbes is currently finishing her first book, sharing her personal stories about her everyday life and discovering her royal lineage titled


'The Journey of a Hidden Princess:

A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline"


The book is an adaptation of her many years of writing about everything from her dysfunctional family life as she developed as a model and actress to meeting her Nigerian family in Africa as part of their royal lineage.


It is rare that an audience is given an inside look into someone of royal lineage but Anikka does so with openness, humour, honesty and an engaging way that keeps the reader turning the pages.  


In 'The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline', Forbes had originally taken six of fifteen years (2010-2016) of her diary entries but due to the delay in completing and years passing she has now extended it to (2010-2018) and transform it into an engaging memoir.


The book tackles what most women go through in romance, family, work, and play but with raw emotions that reads like a movie script. Born in London to young parents who deliberately gave her a last name that did not match anyone in the family, her discovery of who she is not just as a 'lady of colour' but as a descendant of Nigerian Kings and Queens going 900 years back in African history.

During her upbringing in London, Anikka initially felt somewhat disconnected from her father's Nigerian heritage. However, as she delved into her family history, she discovered a fascinating revelation: her great-grandfather held the esteemed position of a seated King in Nigeria.


Through her lineage, Anikka was born into the esteemed family of the Oro [Oro so gudu gudu] Royal house of Iléṣa, carrying the inherent birthright and connection to this ancient lineage.


This newfound understanding of her ancestral roots added a deeper layer of cultural significance to Anikka's identity.

Like Princess Diana, Anikka Forbes refuses to be boxed into what is expected of a female of royal lineage which may be one reason why she chose to pursue the field of entertainment as an actress and model.  Tall and naturally stunning, Forbes is a natural for the camera.  From dominatrix model shots to commercials for global brands such as Subway™, her career has experienced a gamut of exposure in print, television and the theatre.

She says regarding her book, “Since 1997 I have kept a diary about my life. I am literary an open book in real life so using some of my diary entries and creating this memoir was not as easy as I thought it would be in fact it was tough and emotional at times for me.  From the age of 16, I have known I would write a book, I just never knew what it would be about all I knew is I would do it, one day.  


I am a ‘Lady of Variety’ embracing and understanding that as a Nigerian lady whose bloodline is traced to African royalty, I have a higher calling to share my story with the world to empower others to never let anyone hold you back from being whom you are destined to be."


She continues, “I came from much dysfunction in the home and emotional abuse to standard beatings but in spite of that, I am determined to see my dreams come true which is why I did not fear trying out for any auditions/competitions that others may have feared, date men of different races and nationalities and end up removing myself from some of my Mums side of the family due to becoming too toxic and me being too honest for most to handle! 


I want the readers to know regardless of family or status, we are all human and each has our own unique destiny." 


A person may be rich in wealth but that doesn't make them better than another person as we all bleed the same and we all die (regardless of colour or gender) so it is up to you and you alone to know, believe and love yourself regardless, even if no one else does.  Writing this book has been challenging and difficult (per the delay) and healing and fun.  


I hope that those who read my book will enjoy my candidness and realise that no matter what... their lives are valued.  The book is full of variety, interesting and humorous so I hope all who read it will enjoy the ride!


The Journey of a Hidden Princess:

A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline

is a Brilliant read. 

by Sabrina Guice (USA Ghostwriter/Proofreader/Editor)


I am thankful to have the opportunity to share my story.

May your life be filled with peace, joy, compassion, love

and effortless abundance!

Anikka Forbes, Author

My Great-Granddad
King Oba Alexander Adejumola Haastrup 
(12th Oct 1942 - 18th Oct 1956)

My Beautiful Grandma
Princess Elizabeth Adebimpe Adepoju 
(nee Haastrup)

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