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Should I or Shouldn't I....

Morning All...

Once again I was meant to wake up at 8:30am but just work up after 11am.

Anyway why did I look on my phone and see a missed call after 5am this morning and then a text message which read;

"I want to talk to you if that's OK"

from someone that I was seeing briefly at the beginning of this year but ended up 'locking him off' by BLOCKING his number (ya know how we do ladies) lol... because he went on a silent, no contact mode, KMT!!!

So back on Thursday 6th April '2017 after trying to call him but he didn't answer... instead he sent me a text asking if he could call me later... but I knew he was chatting shit so sent him this reply back;

"Should I not hear back from you this evening, then don't worry...

I'll take is as your way of letting me know, your not interested

in me ad there is no more... us!!!

As I think 3wks is way too long to have not heard or seen you

and I want to know (where I stand)

So the ball is in your court"

Obviously I didn't hear from him... a few mths has passed and I unblocked him from my phone a few wks. ago and now he has made contact asking to talk! In all honesty I haven't got anything to say and not really bothered to hear what he has to say... but still LMFAO!!

So My Question Is: Should I listen to what he has to say?

CHATBACK and share your view...

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