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HBD FAMILY 🇯🇲🇮🇱🇳🇬 & ME🎂

This blog page is dedicated to Family on both parents side, and me, Happy Birthday 🎂. For all those that are Present, Past and R.I.P.x Lots of 🫶


YR | 2024




YR | 2023


TUES 24th OCT ‘2023

Wishing my precious nephew a HBD. Miss and love you lots.💙



FRI 13th OCT ‘2023:

Wishing my precious niece a Happy 10th B’day. Aunty Nicky misses and loves you.😘



MON 4th SEP ‘2023:

Wishing you a great day, BCuzie



TUES 1st AUG ‘2023:

Wishing my beautiful. talented and precious cuzie Z, a HBY. May all your dreams and desires come true. Love you.

PS. U look STUNNING ❤️‍🔥😍



SUN 9th APRIL ‘2023

Happy B’day Aunty, I hope you are being spoiled by the kids and have a lovely day. Love you lots.😘



TUES 14th MARCH ‘2023



TUES 1st MARCH ‘2023

Wishing my Nan a Happy Birthday



THURS 2nd FEB ‘2023:

11yrs today! How time flies. 11yrs today since you were laid to rest. 🕊️ Continue shining down on me from above, and remember I love and miss you always. 😘



14th JAN ‘2023:

My drink-up was a lovely, funny, entertaining few hours, spent with the few that attended. A big shout out to my bestie Bench and his friend D, my Cuzie from my old endz South-East London.

A few of my walking 🚶friends 🤗, my neighbour, Mr Messiah and Chi (who arrived as I was just getting into bed) but at least he come down even if he didn't get to attend. ☺️

You all made it a memorable night and appreciate that you made the time. So thank you 🎉💋

Here are some pics / footage I managed to take 📸


BESTIE Bench aka Christian 💙


BESTIE Bench aka Christian 💙

My Amazing Cuzie B 😘💖

Christian and Cuzie B

Christian 🤣 Keeping everyone entertained!

Too much jokes 🤣

Lovely Birthday Cards... Thank you 💋

Lovely Gifts... Thank you 💋



THURS 12th JAN ‘2023:

🙏Amen🙏 for another year thanks to my great living God. Started of the morning trying on this sexy, black dress which I purchased from my #tiktokshop and it fits well 😝

Then I spent a beautiful few hours in the spa, relaxed, chilled and refreshed, then to my fav #pub #wetherspoons 🤫 as their deals are too great and had a curry for the 1st time!

It was nice, filling but I'm all for the usual #fishandchips 😛

To my #nan love you, today is your day too and miss you lots. 😘

On Saturday 14th I've decided to have a little drink up, I've invited about 20-25 people, but it's those who make it that are the ones who were meant to be present. Either way I look forward to it 🎉

R.I.P Nan 😘



YEAR | 2022

🇯🇲 HAPPY 92nd B'DAY 🇯🇲

SAT 9th JULY ‘2022:

Today I went back to my old endz of south-east London.. due to my cuzie B holding a surprise gathering for her Dads 92nd birthday.

A big thanks to Bowza for lending me his car, as going back to South-East I tend not to do unless I have a car... so much appreciated. My Bessie mate Christian came with me which was nice, though I was not impressed at having to turn back around due to him leaving his phone! 😑

I was blasting the rare-groves tunes while driving and we were both singing along... bad tunes!

We got there (to Greenwich Park) at nearly 4pm, as I was near to pulling up Cuzie B called to see where I was and I informed her I wasn't far away. As we were approaching I saw my mum (who was leaving) with the others while saying goodbye to my cuzie Silburn.. who shouted out

"Look there's your daughter"

Mum looked around surprised and I said

"Hi Mum and gave her a hug"

She said something along the lines of

"Oh my god, I didn't expect to see you here / I didn't know you were coming. Nice to see you and we will catch up but I've got to go as it is my great-grandson's birthday party and obviously being the great-grandma I have to be there".

So we said bye and she left and I went to see/meet other family members.

Christian came over to me a little baffled as he mentioned when he was saying Hi to my mum she responded;

"your still around"

Really! Even I am confused about what she meant by that and I am sure I will get to ask her at some point. 🤔

I was shocked when Cuzie B and her sister, told me her dad kept calling my name (wow), I haven't seen him since 2005 but have spoken a few times. I am honoured that he remembers me. 💖

I went straight over and greeted him with a big hug and kiss, he looks so well... god is great.

Plus I got to meet new family members and found out that I have family members with the surname;

- Brown (connected to Forbes)

Alongside Forbes, Coley... the family is so big.

The few hours there were just so lovely, the sun was beaming, the kids were running about playing, food and drink were flowing and the vibes were just positive and fab.

Thank you again Cuzie

FOOTAGE via TIKTOK (click link below)



WED 31st MARCH ‘2022



WED 22nd MARCH ‘2022:

Granddad I hope your celebrating with Grandma. Have a great day, up in heaven.x



YEAR | 2021


SUN 22nd AUG ‘2021:

Wishing my Dad a happy birthday; these pics are priceless memories. May God continue to keep you safe and sound and bless you with many more years, and decades ahead.

Love you lotttttts. 😘💙😘💙


🥳 HAPPY 40th B'DAY 2 ME 🙏

12th JAN ‘2021:

I give thanks to God for blessing me with a new year, age, and decade.

I am humbly grateful for my great health and ability, for the roof over my head, for working and life in general... even during my low times! To get myself focused on what I want to do with myself, by God's Grace.

Thank you Boo, for a lovely 1st half of my b'day spent with you plus the Champs and pressies. Big kiss.xx

Thanks, Dad for coming and spending the other half of my b'day with me and the pressies too! Nuff love to both of these men.

Thank you to my Cuzie for her beautiful and meaningful words... my 1st electronic card 😍love it.

Thank you all for your birthday messages that you sent me,much appreciated.x




YEAR | 2020


MON 16th MARCH ‘2020:

A birthday message to my little brother... hope he had a splendid day. Nuff love.x

Adorable #tb pics of my baby brother. Just like when my sister was born in 1994, I could not get enough of the likkle darlings. Love these pics 💙




SAT 14th MARCH ‘2020


🇯🇲 R.I.P | HAPPY B’DAY NAN 💖 🇮🇱

1st MARCH ‘2020:

Hope you have a splendid day up in the #heavens

This is #1 of my fav #tb #pics taken of her during her Nursing home days back in South London 😍 Miss you, Love you, and I am Thinking of you always.x


YEAR | 2020


SUN 20th JAN ‘2020:

I give thanks to God for blessing me with another year... 39, wow! Nearly 40 and still trying to improve myself, learn and decide what I am doing with myself (sad but true).

Loved my creative self portrait photo that I filtered, no matter your age we must love ourselves and body... artistic nude!!! #

But I have my health and ability which is the main thing but I want to do more with myself and going to try and do as much as that this year onwards... I need to not be so hard on-myself as I DID finally accomplish my teenage vision of writing and becoming an author YAY!!

So I a proud and received great feedback too, just need Amazon Reviews and now I have created a comments section on my website tab #TJOAHP as I know people have been having issues commenting via amazon.

The review I received via FB from a family friend in her 20's was the best birthday gift I could have hoped for, thank you again T.x

All in all let see what I can accomplish and be proud of this year 2020...



YEAR | 2019


24th OCT ‘2019:

Happy Birthday to my handsome and adorable nephew (welsh baby)who is 5yrs old today.


Sorry I couldn’t get to send u or ur sister a card due to not knowing if your still at the same address due to your Mum (ignoring) my WhatsApp message asking her to confirm! 


I tried but either way just want you to know ur always in my thoughts when more on speacial days like today.


Miss you and love you 😍 lots 


Aunty Nicky 




16th MARCH ‘2019:

Wishing my baby Brother Lewis a Happy 19th Birthday today!

Though... just like my sister I've not seen or spoken to him since '2011 when he was

(11yrs old) but "it is what... it is" contact or no-contact he is still my bro and love him lots.

This is his last year as a Teenager, before he hits his 20's next year... so I hope whatever he is up too he is happy, content and loving life. May he have a great day and may god bless him with many more years ahead.

Lots of love, your eldest sis.x



14th MARCH ‘2019

Today would have been my Great-Granddads 124th Birthday today, had he still been alive.

Born on the 14th March ‘1895... as shown on his details below! He is my Nans father (mums-side).

Thank you to for all the info I’ve been able to find and Happy Birthday To Him 😘



4th MARCH ‘2019:

Wishing my sister a Happy 25th today.

Not spoken, seen her since 2011... but hey "it is what it is" i still remember and regardless of wither there is contact or no-contact she's still my baby sister and love her... so decided to do this shout-out as 25 is a significant year... 5yrs away from 30!!!

Whatever she's doing with her life... may she have a splendid day and may god bless her with many more.

Some through back pic's... from 2010 (when she was 16) and younger



1st MARCH ‘2019

Today, had she still been alive 😔 my nan (mum's side) would have been celebrating her 90th birthday today. xXx

I have just found footage recorded when she was in the #nursinghome on Fri 6th Jan 2012, 6 days before she passed away. It breaks my heart 💔 to know I did not record this last moment for longer. 😢 Something is better than nothing.🙏

On Monday, 9th Jan 2012, she was admitted to hospital for a urine infection. I went both days to visit her on Tues 10th & Wed 11th to tell her I wouldn’t be coming on Thursday because it was my birthday... so I would be back on Friday!

I can’t believe it’s 6yrs since she passed away on 12th Jan, my 31st Birthday!! 🥺 A day that I will NEVER forget and cherish every year... because only she and my fabulous God know how much she meant to me.💖

I am thankful, grateful and happy I got to know and spend quality time with her and have so many never-seen, priceless memories of our time together during the last ten years of her life living in a Nursing Home.

No matter her bad, wicked, and unkind treatment towards me in my younger years, I understand and forgave her years ago. I will never forget and have ‘no regrets’ because no one is ‘perfect’, and the experience was meant to be part of my life journey. 💯

There is always a deep story behind every person who comes across as either (Cold, Mean, Unempathetic, Wicked or Reserved) to name a few! No one is born ‘BAD’. It stems from their damaging childhood, which affects them. #Facts

Nan, whatever you are doing up above... I hope you have a Splendid day in heaven. I love and miss you so much. x

1927, she was born back in Rock River, Clarendon, Jamaica 🇯🇲 to her Jewish father (aka) my Great Granddad


Name: Joseph Cedric Alonzo Dupee

Born: 1895

Died: 27th Nov 1977

Aged: 82


My knowledge of my Great Grandma (is minimal) but my Cuzie junior knows a lot 🙌


Wishing you a splendid day up in heaven... have a toast 🥂 for me and I’ll have 1 for you too. 🤗


Love and miss you lots 😘😘😘





SAT 12th JAN ‘2019

‪I give thanks 2 my great loving god for blessing me with another birthday, another year younger 😛 and first and foremost for my health and ability. #amen 🙏 Great, Good or Bad... I’m ready for what this #new year has in store

1love all Capricorns‬

It’s now 13:30pm and I’m checking all my emails and social media (birthday wishes) THANK YOU all again 💚

And then it just hit me... this day is not only a birthday celebration but also the day that my Nan (mums-side) died 😔 and passed over to the next life.

My heart that was just filled with joy and happiness... has just turned sad 😢 while also understanding that today is also a CELEBRATION of her life.

Miss and love you nan... sorry I couldn’t come and lay some flowers at your grave today... but I will be sure to toast a drink 🥂for you and the greatest of all is that I have so many great memories of us together during the last 10yrs of your life.

Thank you god for these... priceless moments. Love you nan 💚

It’s 19:26pm and the only Birthday gift that I wanted was to see my 😘 Dad... and he is here 👏👏🙏 I’m sooooo happy, only god knows.

My birthday is complete 🖤

Thank you



YEAR | 2018


24th OCT ‘2018:

Wishing my handsome and adorable nephew a happy 4th Birthday.

Miss you lots and love you forever



SAT 13th OCT ‘2018:

@12:26pm - Today is 1 of my #welshbabies birthdays and she is 5yrs old. A real little madam, too clever and I’m sure will be more than a handful 🤦‍♀️ as she gets older!!!


Don’t know WHEN/IF I’ll ever see my niece or nephew again... due to them having 1 of those #mums who uses their kids as #punishment for telling them some #hometruths about their #personalhygeine 😏


I think thercan is nothing worse than any #parent stopping their #aunt from being able to see them, have them for the wkend/wk - but hey thank god they won’t be kid forever and if their Mum hasn’t #poisoned their minds against me... then we will meet again!


If not, then I’m greatful for the few years that I saw them and will treasure all the footage, pics that I have of them... even more!


I hope she likes her #card and #pillow with her personalised name on it - If given to her because who knows, the Mum could #bin it and make out like I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ and not sent anything!!


Wishing u a superb day my little sweetness and my god keep you safe, sound and protected always. 🙏 #amen




WED 1st AUG ‘2018

A HUGE, BIG, SHOUTOUT to my Cuzie Z... though it’s only been 2yrs since we’ve known each other, having met on my 1st visit to Nigeria 🇳🇬 -

I feel like I’ve known her longer, and she is so 😘 precious to me.

She is beautiful, sensible, cheeky, hardworking, talented and simply an adorable niga #princess 😍u.

We are “2 of a Kind”, and I’m so proud of you. xxxx



MON 9th APRIL ‘2018:

Today is my beautiful, humble and 1 of a Kind 💯plus a mother of 5 precious children... Love U 🇳🇬

I hope you're having a superb birthday 🎁 Aunty, and may God continue to bless you with continued great health, ability.

Lots of 😘 LOVE from your eldest Niece. 


See you soon.🎉🎉🎉



HBD 2 ME & R.I.P 😔 NAN


On this day in 2012, my beautiful and precious Nan passed away... on my Birthday 💔, and I cannot believe it’s been 6yrs already!

There is not a day that goes by when she is not in my thoughts, and even more so on this particular day... as it’s both mixed emotions of happiness for seeing another year 🙏🏾 and also sadness as I miss her so much.😘

I know she is watching over me, keeping me safe and proud of me, too, and my birthdays will always be a celebration for both our lives... we will meet again one day. xxx

💚Love you, Nan... always and forever. Cheers 🥂to us.☺️




Today is 1 of my #welshbabies birthdays... Capricorn ♑️ She’s my beautiful, blue eyed, blonde haired Niece who turned 8yrs old today.

Aunty Nicky is wishing you a superb day with your sister, brothers and mum... can’t wait until you all come to London next mth and we’ll have FUN.

Big kiss baby girl and a big thanks to God, for letting you see another year. Love you.😘



YEAR | 2017


JULY 4th ‘2017:

Good Afternoon Mi Lovelies. As I'm at home continuing to work on Chapter 7 from 2011 for my working-progress Book;

'The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady's Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline'

I came across this video, which I've just watched for the 1st time... I completely forgot I had this!

The same way I write my Diaries is no different to any video footage I've recorded over the years... meaning I write and record but never go back and read or watch anything. It may sound weird, but it's true.

So, I am literally a first-time reader or viewer of my material, and this video is just 1 of many that I'm sure I will share with you all.

This was the last birthday I would spend with my Nan back in March 2011... because she passed away ten months later on my birthday, 12th Jan 2012. 5yrs already, wow! She would have been proud of me and is watching over me from above.

I will forever be thankful for the care and help from all the staff at Castlebar in Sydenham Hill, SE26 (her 2nd Nursing Home) for all you have done for her.

To Val (carer) for also becoming a great friend to my Nan and me during her time there.

From me, Nan... a Big Thank You. x


HAPPY 3rd B’DAY 🍰 😘

OCT 24th ‘2017:

Today my handsome likkle nephew, who is 3, today! He is growing too quick 😩

Aunty Nicky loves 💚💚💚s you lots.xxxxx