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#AttackTheBlackness - my view @PoloAllOver

@22:22pm... while looking through mu social media I just came across this bull-shit! 🤭KMFT 

WTF... REALLY 🤬Why has this police dog, got this #blackmans arm in his mouth & shaking it like a piece of meat!!! 

Nahhh... only (as always) could this happen in America - it just makes me so mad... 2018 and still ‘human beings’ of an #BlackEthnicity is still being treated in this way but yet I don’t recall seeing this on the #news 🙄  

Amen for today’s technology... because what the news and corrupt people of the world, don’t want to show us! We will upload for whoever 🌍 to see... because 

“Sharing Is Caring”

#YerISaidIt 👊 #BlackLifesMatter 

CLICK👇BELOW... to watch 👀it! 👇

Police Dog “Do As U’ve Been Trained”

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