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OMG... 😩 #Priceless

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28th Aug:

Just came across this and my heart sank then lit with joy... how beautiful, unexpected and priceless is this moment for this little darling.😩

Whatever her story as to why she ended up in #childprotectioncare and being fostered - she now knows that her future is ✨BRIGHT✨ with 2 people that look like they love her unconditionally.🙌

I’m all for #fostering & #adoption because there are so many precious children in the 🌍 that need, want and seek #love 💚something I have always had for children of all ages.😍

Only #god knows... but should he not decide to bless me with the one and only experience of creating #life 🤰by the time I reach 40 #ByGodsGrace 🙏 

Then I may start thinking about enquiring (again) about Adoption 😉 #weallneedlove 

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