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Recorded Charl’s Singing | CBB

Sun 11th Jan ‘2009

Another lazy day today but I done some washing and continued to relax.

Charl’s dropped by for a few hours to see me... we had some joke and then I decided to have her sing ‘Eyes on the Sparrow’ my fav song that I love hearing her sing so that I could record her and finally have some footage, so that I can upload it as and when.

I’m going to send her details to Xfactor and fingers x she will be invited down for an audition. Elijah got dropped down to mine too by his dad as Charl’s wasn’t ready to go home yet... so she ended up leaving just after 9pm while CBB was on TV.

  • That idiot Michelle from Liberty X is getting on my nerves so much... I wish that I was in the house, so I could put her in her place.

  • I love Coolio for his realness and entertainment

  • Mini Man (Vern) because he is so cute and unique

  • Latoya before entering CBB no one really knew about her, but she is a lovely woman and is enjoying her experience.

  • Tina is straight up but knows not to be ‘Renk’ aka rude to Coolio because they are both straight-up, honest peeps.

Here is a recording of Charl's that was done... 2yrs prior back in '2007.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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