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16yrs Mos-Camp Dayz - WOW

Mos-Camp Video (Ur My Baby) ‘2003

Wow, wow, wow... I have just had 1 of my boys from back in ‘2003... when we filmed this FABULOUS ‘music video’ contact me!

We have not seen or spoken to each other since back then... but he told me that he and some of the other guys meet up back in October ‘2018 and we’re reminiscing back to those ‘good old dayz’.

Someone went and found the video that I posted (I think) back last year... of the ‘music video’ which I came across within some of my stuff, that had been in storage for years 🤦‍♀️

Anyway cut long story short... he (Nigel) ☺️ in the pic, wanted to try and find me to reach out and he did... via my;


How... by calling me via my mobile number (which is apparently displayed somewhere on my profile) WTF!!! 

I didn’t know my number was public to the world 🌍 via any of my social media profiles 🤨typical... only ME, lmfao could have something like this happen and not know. 🤦‍♀️ smh!!

But on the plus side, it’s cool because ‘nothing like this has happened before’ so for this to be the 1st time that I have an ‘unknown number’ call me and it be someone from back in my early ‘20’s... who I shared a great memory with, that I think is FABULOUS 💯✔️👏

Saying that... i need to go and find my number and remove it from social media 🤣

Cannot WAIT for us to meet up soon... to catch up on 16yrs!  

Though the only thing that has changed for me... is my area, lol. Whereas he is a fab, Yummy daddy of two stunning daughters etc. 

Either way... this music video, to this day IS BAD, I LOVE IT and soooo glad that I have such a great memory, footage from back in 2003 (my south London dayz)

What a great surprise to end the 1st mth of the year... 31.01.2019 (skinning teet) 😬

#today #31012019 #tb #2003 #moscamp #musicvideo #funny #cheeky #comedy #call #surprise #wow #nigel #southeastlondondayz

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