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Monday 2nd Feb ‘2009:

I got up at 6am and as I was getting sorted, I got a call from Aunty Me, who told me that due to the heavy snow... there is no buses running...

I turned on the TV to watch 'GMTV' on ITV and the news confirmed that nearly all public transport has been put on standstill!!!

I decided to take a walk over to 'Penge West Station' to have a look and was shocked when I opened the front door and saw the snow outside... then when I got to the station all the tracks were invisible, the snow was a good few inches high.

The sign by the station read;

All Trains Have Been Suspended Until Further Notice

I returned home... straight back into my bed and relaxed until I started to feel a little unwell, my throat had started feeling sore and very dry.

Then just after 2pm I received a text from Tamer today unexpectedly saying;

And If U Think I’ve Forgotten U... I Ain’t!

After Last Times Convo I Thought I’d Let U Kool Down

But All I Know Is I’m C’ing U Very Soon...

Despite What U Think of Me!

And I Ain’t Taking ‘No’ For an Answer!!!

I thought that was really sweet and was much appreciated.

©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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