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Wed 4th Feb ‘2009:

I left mums just after 7am and went to catch the bus down to Lewisham... I only waited a few minutes for the 108 and headed to work. At about 10:40am the whole site had a ‘power cut’ and then within about 5mins it was all back on.

Then as we were all getting back to work... the power went ‘off’ again. Joke Business!!!

I sent aunty. Me, aunty. Pet good morning email and one to Tasha too. Tasha emailed back asking if I’d heard from ‘T’ and I told her about the texts we exchanged... which she sort-off understood!

Then our convo died due to the work phone dying, as the power went off... again!!!

So, I texted her asking if she thought I was harsh or right! When Tasha called me back to say she thought I had basically (over reacted) I felt SHAME!!!

She said;

He wants to do something fun and different

So why the ‘HELL’ wouldn’t I want to join him

rather than being in my dry little place...

And it’s so true!!! I am so use to the off-key treatment... that when I get offered the (niceness) of being taken to a hotel I end up throwing it in his face!

I feel so stupid that I had to just apologise to Tamer, I honestly don’t know why he tries with me and if (I don’t hear back) I wouldn’t... blame him!!!

©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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