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Wow, while at work I’ve just seen the ‘ES Magazine’ with this handsome young man, beaming on the front cover. 

Then I saw the words (Peckham Born) which made me want to read the article even more as someone who has something in common with him. 

We’re both Peckham born, 10yrs apart and that automatically makes me smile and proud of him even more, for where his at and all his superb success in the 🇺🇸 .

I think this is the first time I’m reading or knowing about Damon, but all I can say is WOW and his captivating smile is enough to make him successful in any audition. 💯

The show ‘Snowfall’ and the film ‘Farming’ sounds like it’s going to be a great 1 to watch, touching on subjects which I’m sure will have a lot of people talking (good or bad) while also sensitive to anyone that has encountered such hate and racism!! 

Having just watched the trailer I can honestly say mixed emotions of (Anger, Upset, Heart Rentching and Proud) Proud that these real life stories of black peoples experiences in life being highlighted. May to bring us all together more as 1 where people are seen not because of colour but as individuals.  #icanrelate 😳

Either way I know the character of ‘Eni’ will have been on-point highlighting Truth of back then and now in some places around the world. 

Shout out to writer-director ‘Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’ too... another name I’m just learning about and looking forward to seeing ‘Farming’ next mth.

Congratulations again Damon, I know your acting career will be as bright and fabulous just like Idris Elba and another Peckham born excellent and talented actor Ashley Walters.

Peckham gems 💎 #lovetheblackness🖤

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