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Today (Sun 13th Oct '2019) is my beautiful nieces birthday... 6years old!

Haven't seen her or my nephew (welsh babies) since Feb '2018 after their mum left mine with the kids BECAUSE of pointing out some 'home truths' that had built up over 4yrs of knowing her.

Regardless of what of my truth in what was said and her not liking it... WTF do mothers like her love to use the children as weapons (as she has done) by stopping any access of communication with them. BLOCKED me on all her social media, blocked my number on her phone too!!!

Then a few wks ago I was searching for a contact under 'L' on my Whatsapp and saw her face pop-up. So she'd clearly removed me from 'Blockage'.

I sent her a text in the week asking her just to confirm if she is at the same address so I could send her a card and pressie or money, and as you can see from the screenshot she read it and ignored it (really).

Are you not a grown woman, with 4 kids who should know better (obviously not). She loves the power of knowing how much I love and adore my niece and nephew but can't see or speak to them anymore.

AMEN, for BLOGS and the Internet... because whatever should happen this is my proof that I tried! Even though by the time they are old enough to understand she would have 'brainwashed' them enough so they'll hate me (but what can you do).

As my Nan would say 'god ain't sleeping' so her pure wickedness will not go unnoticed in the heavens above. And I pray to god both my niece and nephew all the best, great health and ability and more.

To you Lauren... I see today Mon 14th Oct '2019 that you've gone and blocked my number again on whatsapp. LMFAO, GROW UP.!!!

#yerisaidit #honesty #nameandshame (parents who use their kids, to hurt family members).

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