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Sharing my time learning and training to become a successful, entrepreneur with a variety of online businesses making me superb £££££££ 🙏Amen



TUES 4th APRIL ‘2023

It's 22:06pm and I am sat continuing to watch and learn Simons SUPERB training! Had another webinar today (correct one) having attended twice 🫣 the newcomers webinar!

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed, not sure why... or yes I do! Because I have a lot (as always on my brain) but I think I'm more of a OMG because I can honestly say out of all the courses that I have tried and not completed (for whatever reason) mainly because there was no real interaction 😏

Simons training, resources, portal, help and assistance is second to none. I swear 👌👌

There is so much info, that I feel like I'm falling behind because I'm taking do many note ( but I'm not) It's All Good 🙏

When I say I want (I WILL) make sure that u learn and continue to learn all there is to the point where I am confident enough to teach others what he is teaching me and the others.

His wife and kids should be so proud of him because he is taking time out to teach everyday people and experienced people who want to learn more Exactly how he has been going it over the last 2 decades. THANK U SIMON.

I'm excited for what the future holds and to 1 day (sooner rather than later) be a pro Affiliate making money from anywhere and even while I sleep, just like with Forex Trading, which I have yet to complete my learning process (all in good time).




FRI 31st MARCH ‘2023

@17:20pm - I just finished my 2nd live webinar group session with the down-to-earth, fab and #affiliate professional #simonwood 👌

What great mentor he is and glad to be learning from him all about #affiliatemarketing

Ok, now back to th portal for #training and #learning 🤗



TUES 28th MARCH ‘2023

@15:00pm currently on my official 1st webinar with Simon 🤗 times ahead. 🙏

Nothing better than having a #mentor who is as already successful and wants to help others. THANK YOU Simon, really appreciate this!

More so offering the option to train and learn on a monthly basis subscription, as someone unemployed and finances is 🙊

But I am confident I AM going to succeed as an

  • Affiliate Pro