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Updated: Feb 3

Sharing some of my #livestreaming on #bigo #bigolive


29th JAN ‘2019:

This blog is dedicated to my Agent Helen aka TMA Talent Management and her team for having me as part of the #TMAFamily 

Thank you for introducing me to this fab app... which I can’t believe 😵 has been around for the last 4-5yrs and only knowing about it now, thanks to TMA. 💚

I thought I knew about the majority of Social Media Apps 🤣🤷‍♀️ but obviously, I was wrong!!!

But I’m loving it... it’s simply like my own ‘Reality TV’ with limits as BIGO don’t play, lol. As I know too well having been banned a few times 🤦‍♀️ (rule breaker) 🤪 

Nar... on a serious note I wasn’t doing anything and though I still have no idea ‘WHY’ I’d been blocked... it won’t deter me from using this app.

Why because it’s different, it’s active 24-7, you can broadcast live, audio live, play games, do competitions, guest live, meet new people... but most of all it’s fun 🙌 and anything more (gifts, beans) is just the ‘icing on the cake’ for me.

Even if you (yourself) aren’t interested in ‘Broadcasting Live’ you can still connect and watch other people from all over the 🌍 and just watch, show them 💚 (by tapping the screen) of buying gifts 🎁 to send to those you want to send them too.

Either way, it’s got something for everyone... and the two options are;

🔥 Observer or Entertainer 🔥 

So if you don’t know... get to know, by downloading the #bigolive app and I’m sure you won’t regret it!!! If you do join... feel free to Follow Me - just search my name... as shown below in my Bigo DP 😉

Thank you again Helen aka (Lady in Control) 💯 you superb, beautiful and professional woman.💋

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15th DEC ‘2018:

Are you a Bigo App, user... I Am 🙌

Would never have known about this app unless my Agent (TMA) informed me about it... and loving using it.

Meeting new people from all over the world 🌍, talking live, having a laugh and doing my workouts live too is a great help to me... in making sure I get my (sometimes) lazy self 🤣 a little exercise 👏👏

My profile details is below... should you want to join me live, whenever I am online.

Have a fab wkend and be safe.

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