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Updated: Feb 7

Being a 'Lady Of Variety' I always want to learn new skills, careers, hobbies etc. I can confess that I am also VERY bad, at (stopping & starting) 🙊 not sure if there is a name for it, lol!

Anyway, for any courses I learn and PASS with a certificate as proof, I will be sharing here!

Plus I will be offering the knowledge learnt from the course, should you be interested in finding out more and decide to do a course too!

You can purchase any at a reasonable, affordable price, less than what I paid!

#SharingIsCaring #HowTo #Courses


THURS 2nd FEB ‘2023:

I am doing a new course, for a possible new career or freelance work, doing something I have had an interest in for a while!

So I will see how it goes and share my Certificate here when I PASS 🤞🙏👏.

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