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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Thurs 4th Aug ‘2022:

It was a great night with #livemusic at #gerrysclub on #deanstreet

CLICK pic below 2 watch the footage 🎶


The beautiful singer and excellent violinist 👌


Quick selfie wearing my neighbours #hat


Lovely Gent I met in there who I got on great with and so much laughter! I think this pic is too cute ☺️

Thank you 4 being so lovely and a gent, Mr Parliament! 😉


My neighbour / boss ( helping hand) Mr Bowie! What a gent! I assist him as a PA in his office now and then when he needs paperwork, emails or sometimes a driver!

And I am paid in the form of using his car (as and when) what a deal! 🥳 more than grateful.

Thank you again for inviting me out Boss 🤗

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