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Updated: Jan 18

SATURDAY 14th JAN ‘2023

My drink-up was a lovely, funny, entertaining few hours, spent with the few that attended. A big shout out to my bestie Bench and his friend D, my Cuzie from my old endz South-East London.

A few of my walking 🚶friends 🤗, my neighbour, Mr Messiah and Chi (who arrived as I was just getting into bed) but at least he come down even if he didn't get to attend. ☺️

You all made it a memorable night and appreciate that you made the time. So thank you 🎉💋

Here are some pics / footage I managed to take 📸

Click Pic to watch ⤵

Click Pic to watch ⤵

BESTIE Bench aka Christian 💙

My Amazing Cuzie B 😘💖

Christian and Cuzie B

Christian 🤣 Keeping everyone entertained!

Too much jokes 🤣

Lovely Birthday Cards... Thank you 💋

Lovely Gifts... Thank you 💋



THURS 12th JAN ‘2023:

🙏Amen🙏 for another year thanks to my great living God. Started of the morning trying on this sexy, black dress which I purchased from my #tiktokshop and it fits well 😝

Then I spent a beautiful few hours in the spa, relaxed, chilled and refreshed, then to my fav #pub #wetherspoons 🤫 as their deals are too great and had a curry for the 1st time!

It was nice, filling but I'm all for the usual #fishandchips 😛

To my #nan love you, today is your day too and miss you lots. 😘

On Saturday 14th I've decided to have a little drink up, I've invited about 20-25 people, but it's those who make it that are the ones who were meant to be present. Either way I look forward to it 🎉

R.I.P Nan 😘

GYM REVIEW | Click Pic ⤵️

FOOD REVIEW | Click Pic ⤵️



SUN 20th JAN ‘2020:

I give thanks to God for blessing me with another year... 39, wow! Nearly 40 and still trying to improve myself, learn and decide what I am doing with myself (sad but true).

Loved my creative self portrait photo that I filtered, no matter your age we must love ourselves and body... artistic nude!!! #

But I have my health and ability which is the main thing but I want to do more with myself and going to try and do as much as that this year onwards... I need to not be so hard on-myself as I DID finally accomplish my teenage vision of writing and becoming an author YAY!!

So I a proud and received great feedback too, just need Amazon Reviews and now I have created a comments section on my website tab #TJOAHP as I know people have been having issues commenting via amazon.

The review I received via FB from a family friend in her 20's was the best birthday gift I could have hoped for, thank you again T.x

All in all let see what I can accomplish and be proud of this year 2020...

#birthday #today #amen #bookreview #art #artistic #loveit



SAT 12th JAN ‘2019

‪I give thanks 2 my great loving god for blessing me with another birthday, another year younger 😛 and first and foremost for my health and ability. #amen 🙏 Great, Good or Bad... I’m ready for what this #new year has in store

1love all Capricorns‬



It’s now 13:30pm and I’m checking all my emails and social media (birthday wishes) THANK YOU all again 💚

And then it just hit me... this day is not only a birthday celebration but also the day that my Nan (mums-side) died 😔 and passed over to the next life.

My heart that was just filled with joy and happiness... has just turned sad 😢 while also understanding that today is also a CELEBRATION of her life.

Miss and love you nan... sorry I couldn’t come and lay some flowers at your grave today... but I will be sure to toast a drink 🥂for you and the greatest of all is that I have so many great memories of us together during the last 10yrs of your life.

Thank you god for these... priceless moments. Love you nan 💚



It’s 19:26pm and the only Birthday gift that I wanted was to see my 😘 Dad... and he is here 👏👏🙏 Im sooooo happy, only god knows.

My birthday is complete 🖤

#birthday #1201 #today #January #2019 #blog #anikkaforbes #happybirthdaytome



Thurs 12th Jan '2012:

OMG, never in a million years would I have thought a family member would have died on my birthday, even moreso my Nan (mums side)!!! its deep!!!

I had only seen my nan yesturday (wed 11th) when I went to visit her at Kings College Hospital due to her having a urine infection (she'd had it a few times over the years). She was fine, talkative and I explained to her that I would not be coming to see her today as it was my B'day but would be back on Friday.

So, when I got the phonecall from my uncle Tony (nan's son) telling me the news this morning I was in disbelief but couldn't understand why I hadn't broken down crying!!! Its like god was telling me that;

'she was ready to go, but most importantly he took her on my b'day to say that she did Love me and thank you for all the regular visits, time, care, walks and gifts I dedicated to her during her last 10+ years that she was in a Nursing Home. Plus that she was sorry for how she treated me when I was younger back living on North Peckham Estate in the 80s/90s .

Though I had forgiven her years ago, I was just greatful to finally have a relationship with her, to have her share things from her childhood past that she'd never shared with anyone, have priceless memories in pics, audio and footage that I will cherish forever.

My birthday was the only way of showing how much I meant to her... and I felt it!! 🙏

Christmas '2011, was the last xmas I got to spend with her and the xmas when she spent it not with her kids but in the nursing home... due to them deciding not to take her out!!!

It made me so mad 🤬 and i knew that she flet like a burden 🥺 when this happened! Which is when i think she was more than ready to go... and she could have gone anytime BUT she/god waited until my birthday. What a gift!!!

From here onwards the 12th of Jan is both a celebration of my life when I was born and when my Nan passed over. I love you Nan and I hope you will bless me from above and rest in piece. 😘

Here is the last photo taken on Xmas Day '2011 with Nan in the Nursing Home

This is the last footage I got of Nan in the Nursing home on Fri 6th Jan '2012, 6 days before my birthday when she passed away. 😭



Wed 12th Jan '2011:

Today is my 30th, thank you god for blessing me to see a new decade 🙏Amen🙏

Having pleaded with my Mum, she finally allowed me to have a party at her house at the end of this mth... thank you and love you lots.xxxx

Here are some of the pics taken and thank you to all who came, and a big THANK U to my uncle K, for making sure my 'ghost' of a dad attended having not seen or spoken to him in years (nothing new) but it certainly was a lovely surprise. Love to you

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