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Updated: Jan 18

SATURDAY 14th JAN ‘2023

My drink-up was a lovely, funny, entertaining few hours, spent with the few that attended. A big shout out to my bestie Bench and his friend D, my Cuzie from my old endz South-East London.

A few of my walking 🚶friends 🤗, my neighbour, Mr Messiah and Chi (who arrived as I was just getting into bed) but at least he come down even if he didn't get to attend. ☺️

You all made it a memorable night and appreciate that you made the time. So thank you 🎉💋

Here are some pics / footage I managed to take 📸

Click Pic to watch ⤵

Click Pic to watch ⤵

BESTIE Bench aka Christian 💙

My Amazing Cuzie B 😘💖

Christian and Cuzie B

Christian 🤣 Keeping everyone entertained!

Too much jokes 🤣

Lovely Birthday Cards... Thank you 💋

Lovely Gifts... Thank you 💋



THURS 12th JAN ‘2023:

🙏Amen🙏 for another year thanks to my great living God. Started of the morning trying on this sexy, black dress which I purchased from my #tiktokshop and it fits well 😝

Then I spent a beautiful few hours in the spa, relaxed, chilled and refreshed, then to my fav #pub #wetherspoons 🤫 as their deals are too great and had a curry for the 1st time!