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Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Dedicated to my friend, bestie, bench... wishing him a happy birthday! 🍾



SUN 29th APRIL ‘2018:

I’m a day late posting this, as his birthday was yesterday 🤦‍♀️ but (better late, than never) 🤪 

May god continue to bless you with great health, ability and happiness for many years to come... we’ve seen each other through a lot over these last 8yrs and are the real

#Batti&Bench of Friends... as we dun know

“u don’t have to be blood-related 2 be family” 🙌

As of May, this year onwards, your life, experiences and everything is going to go up 💯 and I look forward to much more fun and good times with u. 💃

But most of all 🤣 I can not wait for u to become an even better version of yourself... once you finally 🤫have those 😱teeth done and looking perfect, white and beaming with smiles, like the “million-dollar man... that you are” 👏👏

Roll on May/June 🤞lol and wishing you all the best... and to remain grounded and sensible. 🙏Amen 

Muffin love 💖 Christian... from ya Biatch.x 🤪

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