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LAST SUPPER @tikibar15

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Thurs 14th July '2022:

It's 23:09pm, and I have not long gotten home from being out for a drink and something to eat with my housemate John after 4yrs living in the same house-share.

Unfortunately, John informed me today that he will be moving on to new pastures next Wednesday 😭 and I will certainly miss him. Who will I help get me #lucozade when I'm unwell? Lol!

John is a good man, a grafter who is hard working and an Alcoholic (no judgement), just facts. No matter how much he drinks, he still always gets home 'safe and sound' Amen and is a survivor of the disgraceful big 'C'. God is great.

We went for a drink at his local pub, #theaskew, on Uxbridge Rd, W12. Then went to have something to eat, as, by the time we got to the #pub, they had stopped serving #food - I had already pictured the #fishandchips but no such luck.

Then John suggested we go to the #carribeanresturant less than 10mins walk. Still, I was adamant that there was NO West-Indian shop near. SHAME, how wrong was I there it was 'Grill Shack & Tiki Bar London' I was speechless!!!

How many times have I walked past that part of the road and forgotten that I had seen it but never remembered to visit and forgot that it was there... #thankyou John.x

We were greeted with smiles and good vibes, and then we ordered some #currygoat and rice. It was delicious, and John certainly enjoyed it as all I heard from him after each mouthful was;


I said to him

"You're making noise means enjoyment, and it tastes good."

Had he been silent, that would have been a different story.

Thanks again, John and to the restaurant for the lovely food and service.

I hope John will keep in touch as he starts his #bestlife next week and look forward to visiting him once he gets settled wherever his feet may take him. #amen

Here is what we ate and John tucking in... I forgot to d a #selfie of us at the restaurant but got this one when we got home. Great housemate

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