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NAME & SHAME 😡 ❌⚠️

Sharing the wrongdoing of companies and people who think they can treat people badly and get away with it! Well I am making it know by sharing my views to you (the General Public) because if you do not #speakout #nameandshame or #speakyourtruth this is how they get away with it! #Twitter is the perfect place to share!



TUES 18th APRIL ‘2023

Shame on you for continuing to let #scammers receive items sent by #sellers and lie that thr wrong item was received, when proof was sent.

So now the trainers I sent, the scammer has got for FREE & I am just meant to be ok with that, & no money! FU*KING JOKE 🤬

£14 I was selling the trainers (for a friend) and this customer asked to buy for £10

Vinted you have no loyalty to your honest genuine sellers and it's disgraceful how you all this sort of thing to happen and except the seller to just accept it!

Has anyone else been scammed by #vinted

Sent the trainers

In-Post Digital Shipping label ⤵️

THEN I GOT THIS JOKE OF A MESSAGE! They sent me a photo of the converse and then deleted it 🤔

THE CHEEK TO SAY ⤵️ Yet, they didn't want to pay £14, they wanted them for £10




I just received this message from vinted! Glad to have been compensated but they are allowing these scammers to give them a bad name!

Sorry for anyone that has been scammed!



FRI 17th FEB ‘2023

Don't know why I did not do it checks on #gaselec prior to letting them in but never again!

#TempletonLPA think they can #harrass me by not following the law and doing things properly and #gaselec did not do their job properly because they have left me with an out of date #carbonkonoxide alarm 🤔 WTF!

Couldn't make it up!!!




FRI 17th FEB ‘2023

I have just seen this response from #yourguinness, aka #guinnesstrustbuildings, about me complaining to them ONCE AGAIN about still not doing anything about my besties Mould Infested home.

Maybe it was an #AI reply, as I'm sure I clearly mentioned who I am complaining on behalf of! 🤔

Let's see how long it takes them to sort out his flat or rehouse him. Disgraceful



THURS 9th FEB ‘2023

So sorry this likkle life was taken due to the mould he was forced to live in with his parents 💔🥺

His death most certainly is not in vain and I hope no one else will lose their life due to this slow killer #mould and #damp



AUG ‘2022

As you can hear I am FAR from impressed! As I have seen his home like this for 11yrs





This is how a male (housemates) reacts when they feel rejected by a female (who once got on well and spoke to them) until you realise either;

  • They are lies (gas-lighting)

  • There is something not RIGHT

  • Thier becoming too familiar and CREEPY

So you stop talking to them!!!

This housemate a friend & plumber of the landlord, moved in next door to me, having heard he’d taken a liking to me 🤮

Probably because I was always so helpful and friendly whenever he came to the house for maintenance 🙄 as unfortunately some men get a little attention and they think the females fancy them. 😏

Since Jan 2022 (while my Narcissist ex) was also still living in this house-share above me, this housemate next door witnessed his ridiculous antics.

Anyway, I stopped speaking to this housemate Wayne (late 50s) due to his server DISGRACEFUL, UNHYGENIC & NASTY living standards (as shown in the videos below)

I reported his stalking and harassing ways to the police but they said he was denying doing anything and it was also a civil matter!

Which is when I realised he was an undercover #narcissist with the extreme #gaslighting #antics and all!

So I had a jealous, narcissistic ex living about me and a housemate who showed his true colours when I stopped speaking to him!

I bet the police have him on the #clareslaw register for Domestic Abuse, I could smell it on h once when he was arguing with me and tried to get up in my face (trying to intimidate me)

He finally moved out 🥳🥳 in Aug ‘2022 - So thank God, he can go and obsess and bother another female!

Well, once again you couldn't make it up!

Why, a few wks later does he go out of his way to walk past my window to shout

20th SEP ‘2023

Shouts as he walks past my window! “SLAG”

22nd SEP ‘2023:

Then 2days later he comes back again to shout “HORE 4 SALE”


So this is the same housemate he was Gaslighting me to others and the police, saying he was not doing ANYTHING when he was living under the same roof!

Then moves out and CONTINUES, and is caught live on CCTV in the act!!!!

His sick, and these are the worst type of men... the ones who have daughters themselves (having met his, when he invite her to pop around for 5mins) who have the cheek to speak or verbally abuse other females.

It's shameful, embarrassing and sad!


23rd JUNE ‘2022

29th MAY ‘2022 ⤵️



26th APRIL ‘2022 @03:03am

So 🤔 at first I thought WTF, who is he outside my room door!!!!

26th APRIL ‘2022 @03:04am

He had obviously been reading what he put on my door a few hours before and obviously, I am sleeping so haven’t seen it!


22nd APRIL ‘2022 ⤵️



1st MAY ‘2019

First time for everything! Never in a million years did I see this coming... like WTF!

This is how ‘out of nowhere’ this ex-housemate acted because I wouldn't let him in, having been told by the landlord NOT to let him back in the house!

A delusional, twisted, WISHFUL thinking 😩, HATER who it seems is upset so much so that he says, I'm upset because I didn't 😖 WTF ????

I couldn't stop laughing... the CHEEK of him! FFS mate.

A first and last experience 🤞🙏😒

FEMALES beware, if you see this man or he is living with you... approach with caution ⚠️

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