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NAME & SHAME 😡 ❌⚠️

Sharing the wrongdoing of companies and people who think they can treat people badly and get away with it! Well I am making it know by sharing my views to you (the General Public) because if you do not #speakout #nameandshame or #speakyourtruth this is how they get away with it! #Twitter is the perfect place to share!



TUES 18th APRIL ‘2023

Shame on you for continuing to let #scammers receive items sent by #sellers and lie that thr wrong item was received, when proof was sent.

So now the trainers I sent, the scammer has got for FREE & I am just meant to be ok with that, & no money! FU*KING JOKE 🤬

£14 I was selling the trainers (for a friend) and this customer asked to buy for £10

Vinted you have no loyalty to your honest genuine sellers and it's disgraceful how you all this sort of thing to happen and except the seller to just accept it!

Has anyone else been scammed by #vinted

Sent the trainers

In-Post Digital Shipping label ⤵️

THEN I GOT THIS JOKE OF A MESSAGE! They sent me a photo of the converse and then deleted it 🤔

THE CHEEK TO SAY ⤵️ Yet, they didn't want to pay £14, they wanted them for £10