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Updated: Jan 24

Sharing some of my readings via Tarot Cards, Mediums and an incredible Prophet. #tarotcards #bibleandkey #mediums

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This year has been 1 that’s been very unsettling, confusing, sad (3 deaths), unsure, let-down, disappointment and just had me feeling like I was going through a late 30’s (mid-life crisis) 😳

My biggest heart 💔 was the loss of a good friend, pastor and prophet... a 1 in a million man who I meet through my dad back in ‘2015 and since then he was my ‘go to’ when I needed answers to certain things!!! 

Trust me when I say I’ve NEVER meet anyone like him before or seen with my own eyes 👀 the gift, blessing that he had been given by #god to be able to communicate with spirits (good/bad) using his;

• Bible & Key 🙏

Anyway just after midnight on Thurs 8th I was going through my phone and something told me to look on the Internet for ‘live tarot readings’ so I did and came across 1 which offered a 10min Reading for $1 and the more after if u decide to continue listening!

I did because what he (Vincent) Tarot Card reader, was telling me was 💯on point and he gave me the insight to what I’d already hoped to be true - so that added clarification was the reassurance I needed!!! 

I know Mediums/Tarot Card Readers isn’t something for everyone... you have to be (I think) of a spiritual, deep, nature to understand, appreciate and believe in this amazing experience - which #iam 

Vincent told me he would shuffle his cards and he wanted me to tell him to STOP ✋ 3 times, which I did and it was these cards that were revelled;

• Wheel of Furtune ✔️

• The Magician ✔️

• The Lovers ✔️

All 3 were positive and from this mth (Nov) onwards into the new year of 2019+ - Life for me is finally going to be on the Up, Magical, Beautiful, Happiness and so much more!!! 🙏Amen🙏 by Gods Grace 🤗

I know pastor from up above is continuing to guide me and though he is no longer here... I will never forget him and so glad I have memories of my enquiries caught on video, to share his humble and blessed self with the world 🌍 one day... but not yet!!!

For anyone that doesn’t know about Tarot cards... here are the 3 I picked, during my reading with Vincent over the phone!

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