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12.05.2018: Forex Trading has been popping up in my emails for too long! So, to learn more and see if this maybe a new career path that I can get to grips with and learn from the best without starting and then stopping 🙈🤞 Watch this space!!!



WED 22nd MARCH ‘2023:

Watching another one of #GregSeckers webinars I wish back in 2018 when I first starting then stopped 🙈 I had continued... FFS.

Who knows how much I could have made by now, could have been a lot or a little (something is better than nothing) but hey I'm back and will continue to learn from him and they fresh and young YouTuber & Professional Forex Trader 🇳🇬Jeffrey Benson🇳🇬 and see what the future holds. 🙏🤞



TUES 28th FEB ‘2023:

I've decided to get back to learning to Forex Trade this time by taking the Mentorship from the young and experienced Jeffrey Benson.

This young man, I luv how you see from his YT Channel where he started and the process to where he is now. WOW!

I know what they mean with the quote;

“if I could turn back time”

But obviously that is not possible so I have to just move with where I am now. Unemployed, having to move AGAIN after 6years in the house-share and staying positive (easier said than done) as the 👿 keeps trying to sneak in 🤬 and get me down. But I've battled for too many years and will start living my best life SOON!!!

Whatever next job I get so I can come off UC, I need to make sure it doesn't stop me from continuing to learn and to trade 🫠🙈😩

Let's see where I am at by this time next year, by gods grace. 🙏 Amen 🙏