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08.02.23: Sharing my thoughts on daily news! My heart goes out to all those suffering due to abuse, hunger, sickness, trafficking, war, earthquakes and more. I pray 🙏 that all this suffering comes to an end sooner rather than later. And may more positive news make the headlines. 🤗


BORN 1894 | WOW | R.I.P 2 HER

WED 29th MARCH ‘2023

What a woman, and what an age. She doesn't even look older than her 80s.

I hope her family do or create something great in her memory as she is/was truly special. 🫶




WED 22nd MARCH ‘2023

I've just seen this pop up on my screen about #edsheeran vowing to never take drugs again. I rate him for speaking his truth about dabbling with drugs.

It's unfortunate that sometimes it takes the death of a family or friend who died due to taking substances that you yourself might also take, to make them wake up and think;

“Its time to knock it on the head”

I'm sure #jamaledwards would be proud to hear one of his artist that he brought to the world respected and loved him so much, that he will never do it again.

Well Done Ed and R.I.P. Jamal 🕊️



WED 15th MARCH ‘2023

Just seen this news about WhatsApp. Are you bothered?



MON 13th FEB ‘2023

A BIG Shout Out to RiRi on her 2nd pregnancy.

Wow, God is great and she certainly looks a fabulous as ever. I think it will be a baby 💖 girl, either way CONGRATULATIONS.

#rihanna #tmz #pregnancy #congrats



WED 8th FEB ‘2023:

To say how disappointed to see how these #travellers have attacked this black girl is just sitting to the stomach. 🤮

I grew up for a while around a few back in the late 80s when living in Abbey Wood and speak to this lovely woman who is local to where I live, but never had any issues with them.

If anything I respected them for defending their own, living by their own rules and travelling around!

And no we cannot judge all because of this BUT

OMFGG, kids will fight (that's 1 thing) but to see that grown-arse woman shouting at them to kick the black girl in the head... REALLY!!!

So your wanting a child to course serious damage, even fatal (like a Stephen Lawrence) re-play 🤬 thank god know weapons were used as I wouldn't like to think what they would have done to here had it been the case.

Whoever the judge is they better make sure they all get the longest sentence possible because this shit needs to be made an example of the big time.

WTF is with parents who teach their children HATE towards people with different skin colour? Why are they testing BLACK PEOPLE!

White people have had the days of lynching ‘black people’ from trees... ⤵️⤵️

Yet they think they can continue treating us in this way and consequences won't follow! Hmmmm...

“God Ain't Sleep”