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#TheL.I.C 👅Diaries

Thurs 7th Sep '2017: Its 23:15pm... I'm sat thinking too much 💭 (as I do) lol... about life in general but most of all about my enjoyable last 5-6wks! Because I have been working with 🏗 'Bowmer & Kirkland' 🛠on a School project in Hounslow based direct 'on-site' in a cabin... which I haven't done in a good few years. Can you believe B&K was the first construction company I contracted with back in '2006!!!! Now, 2017 I'm back where it all started 11yrs ago... as I'm about to embark on publishing my first book 📚 . I have been the most happiest, most cheerful, bubbly and loud (at times) 🤣person who has been 'skinning teet' aka smiling more than ever so much so... I'm still shocked 😳 at how many times my 👉🏾smile👈🏾 was complimented.... Big Kiss too them all.😘 and a big THANK YOU to all the fabulous men (Site Team; Tony, Johnny, Jon, Mo and Mr Smith, all the Subbies like NCS/INM, the Labourers and Visitors) and last but not leastthe fabulous Michelle aka Yummy Nanny 😉 for all showing me nothing but Love 💚Laughter, 🤗Kindness, Appreciation and for 'Keeping It Real'👊🏾 😴😴😴Time Now... it's 00:22am and I'm up in 6hrs 🤦🏾‍♀️ 

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