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Name & Shame... 🤬#sexualharrassment

Just  finished reading this article in the Sun Newspaper about her new book coming out in the new year ‘2018 where she will be expose the men who assaulted her during (I assume) her younger years within the entertainment industry!!!

I say, well done to her (Better Late Than Never) regardless of how long ago it happened... it’s never to late to #nameandshame 

I too have experienced Sexual Harassment which happened nearly 10yrs ago, while working for a Big, Well Known Company along with the proof of texts, an indicent image and being made to feel like a ‘no body’ due to being up against such a well known company!!!

But as the saying goes... 

“what happens in the dark, will always come to light” 

Anyone can claim an assault or sexual harassment... BUT when you have hardcore proof, there can NEVER be any doubt about the facts and the truth because Evidence is just as important. 

It’s bias to think only females suffer as males do too... but for anyone who has been through such an experience just remember “God, Aint Sleeping”and those that misused their Title, Status or Power will get what is due... as Karma is no joke. #YerISaidIt 

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