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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Sharing my love for my Nieve and Nephews as a Proud Aunry. Love Them 🫶 #welshbabies



What a beautiful gift I got from my 4 Welsh Babies, I LOVE THEM all sooo much. Thank you 😘😘😘😘



20th DEC ‘2017:

I am fortunate to have these 4 beautiful nieces and nephews who I love and adore to the max.  My sister in-law has been truly blessed with them all and I am proud of them all. 😍😍😍😍

They all have their own personalities and I think when your a parent of 1 of each (boy and a girl) you have the best of both worlds... but when you are blessed with 2 of each, that is where you can see how much they differ to how much they are alike!

I call them my Welsh Babies... because they are from the valleys in South Wales and their a unique mix of both Caucasian and Mixed-Race.

You can see how strong their mums genes are as they all resemble each other and when I look at this picture it just makes me SMILE ☺️😘🤗

Children are a true Blessing... and I am a Proud Aunty to them all.  Look forward to seeing them soon.xxxx



SEP 10th ‘2017:

How adorable is this ✍🏾and how lucky am I🤗. My 7yr old niece has written in her own diary 📚'twice' mentioning me and showing nothing but love for her #auntynicky 😍 ✨THANK YOU✨

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