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#HappyNewYear 2018

Mon 1st Jan: The new year is here and started today... like myself who was also born on a Monday. 🤗

I give thanks to the great living and amazing Jesus Christ / God & the Universe for seeing another year 🙏🏾 I hope that I will be fortunate to see the whole 365 days with continued great health, ability, along with some ‘new’ positive and experiences, opportunities, travel and finance for me, my dad and to all those good and genuine people within my life.

I want to succeed this year 2018 with what I didn’t accomplish last year by the Grace of God, to stay positive, focused and ready for whatever 2018 onwards has in-store for me.

But most of all BIGGEST thanks to 👉🏾LIFE👈🏾 to having my amazing Dad, other family members and friends the grace to see another year too and may everyone have a Blessed, Safe and Happy New Yr.

Cheers 🥂

#AnikkaForbes #HappyNewYear #2018 #Amen #Blessed #Health #ability #travel #New #Life #opportunity

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