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#CBBMalika 🙌🏾

02.01.2018: So, CBB has launched today celebrating 100yrs  #YearOfTheWoman which is most def a great theme for them to do!!! 

BUT once again (no surprise) I am disappointed that Big Brother did not make the celebration of females a great variety of ‘Ethnicity’ i.e. WHY is the ALWAYS 1 #PersonofColour added to the mix of a world that is SO Multi-cultural it really makes no sense to me!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️

For Malika... this may not even be something that she’s even thought about simply because she is 💚LOVED by all Kardashian’s even more so her Bestie Khloé - I too am a #Kardashian fan and I love how much they #LoveTheBlackness 😍 

But surely out of all the #celebrities in the world of Black Heritage Malaika cannot have been the only one who was up for doing this years Show... as it’s all about #GirlPower so why is there only 1 out of the 8 women that is non-Caucasian 🤔 

YES it bothers me!!! Because the world 🌍is made up of females of all races... Mixed Race / Chinese / Pakistani / Japanese etc. to name a few.

I want there to be change in the diversity of ‘ethnicities’ in everyday Reality TV / Entertainment Industry / Soaps / Films and just everyday life for what is shown on Television. 📺

Some might say;

“here we go, the race card again” 

and my response to that is; 

“Until I See 👀 change, I will continue to express my view and my opinion because this is a passionate subject for me”

So seeing the message on Twitter from Aisleyne, about what Malika said 🙄 was simply a joke... as I’m sure she wishes she could have a ✨sprinkle✨of greatness that Malika has with the Kardashian’s.

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