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#TrustInTheLord - #IDO 🙏🏾

23.01.2018: He is so great, that not even the eyes can see... but if your a believer in him who talks and thanks him daily, then you will know that his presence is all around you. The many times I shared by myself, with no one around... I was fine, because I knew my Great Living God was looking out for me, keeping me safe, well protected, helping me (even when I didn’t know it) and simply always being there for me. For this and the last 37yrs of my life... I give THANKS to him always and know there is no one greater, more powerful, loving, caring and REAL than him and my Dad as he has never let him down. #Amen THANK YOU Jesus/ God / Universe / Arch Angel Michael / Grandparents and anyone else who has nothing but good aura, vibes and well wishes towards me. 🙏🏾😘 👊🏾🙌🏾

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