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Baby @kyliejenner Is Born🙏🏾 CONGRATULATIONS 🍾

04.02.2018: I loved watching the snippet video of her pregnany, the unlimited love, support and memories that both Kylie and her partner Travis have to look back on & feel proud that she told the world when she was ready... and not b4.

Kris Jenner must be so overwhelmed to have x3 new grandchildren, she certainly is a yummy nanny 😍 now we wait for Khloé to have her LONG awaited child that God has finally blessed her with. #Amen

What is there not to love about the #Kardashians because they are all about Family and are so blessed to have so many of each other, to turn to, grow and learn from... I think it is just BEAUTIFUL!!! ✨

I confess I have #FamilyEnvy when it comes to this family, their sibling love, devoted mum, trials and tribulations... but they still have each other.🙌🏾

Every child is a Blessing... from God.🙏🏾

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