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#KilledByMyDebt ❌(not me, mate) 🙏

27.06.2018: @13:48pm... Ok, I’ve decided to vent my anger via my #blog having just received x2 more #DebtCollector letters (parking fines, mobile) nothing major!  

But I and just getting sick and tired of these companies... and can understand why some choose the (end my life) choice, but they ain’t getting me in that mind set!  I may not be a “Lady in Control” of my debts 🤨 but I am #TheLIC in making sure that I stay positive (easier said than done, at times) but it’s LIFE over DEATH always. 🙌

YES, I’ve been updating them on my circumstances but do they care/understand - Hell to the No... the same way I don’t care to be over stressing about my debts because a roof over my head IS more important. 🙏 Amen for #univesalcredit So this blog is for anyone that has been or is currently in debt and unemployed... Do Not, let these people drive you to do anything that has you on the brink on thinking about committing suicide BECAUSE ain’t no debt in the world 🌎 that is more important than your... #LIFE 🙏 Just look at the Real Life... drama that the BBC have done via the link below, to see that your not alone and most of all this is NOT the answer... to ur problems. Stay strong and #DoNotSufferInSilence 💯 CLICK BELOW: 👇 KILLED by my Debt on @BBC 😮 Though I haven’t watched it all... because I 💯 could relate and just saw it as ‘negative’ viewing that I don’t need in my life, right now! Kmt - But I’m sure from the title, this young person killed them self... WHY because of the Debt Collectots 🤬and I understand they too have a job to do, but if I was flossing / going on holidays / buying shit... then fair enough they could question my genuineness of (not having money) but that ain’t the fucking case!

Whose got time to be PRETENDING please 🤷‍♀️ not me!!! I have #Debt 🙄 (nothing new) I know... being in debt is something I am use to and would have hoped it would have improved as I got older 🤦‍♀️ but it hasn’t (ahh well) but I’m not trying to run from them... simply will start paying them off once I am back working, by Gods Grace. 🙏 All I can do is patiently wait for God to bless me with a new contracted or entertainment job then I can start paying you all. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••  Dear Collect Services / Newlyplc / JBW / Fredrickson / Ealing I have emailed all of you on numerous occassions... explaining that I have not been able to start paying of the debts that I own you due to being unemployed since Feb. Therefore I cannot pay, what I do not have! I no longer own a car, due to selling it to cover my rent and now i am in receiving Universal Credit... until i find work. You are all adding to my stress of being out of work and having no money! I refuse to allow YOU to threaten me with Enforcement Notices to drive me to thinking about Committing Suicide... just like people do as example on the BBC drama called KILLED BY MY DEBT. ​👇 CLICK BELOW: 👇 Killed by my Debt - BBC iplayer I even owe on my fucking ‘Corporate Tax’... but again, what can I do! “I can't get blood out of a stone" All I can do is patiently wait for God to bless me with a new contracted or entertainment job then I can start paying you all. Its disgraceful how you companies act and drive people to take their life... because they see no other way! But I refuse to allow you to have this type of impact on me, because if I was WORKING then I would be paying of all the debts I have... but I AM NOT, therefore until I am back making an income there is nothing I can do! STOP ✋ harrassing me with your threatening letters and understand I will start paying of my debt to you... as soon as I can! Thank you in advance Anikka Forbes

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