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The No.1 ✨Best Seller✨

27.06.2018: @03:43am - I’m up (as per) 🙄 due to my sleep pattern being MESSED up... since finishing my last contracted job, a few mths ago!

Whenever I’m out of work I refer to myself as a #LadyOfLesuire (1 of my few) alias/aka names I’ve given myself... though there are two names that we’re given to me from my years working within the male dominated 🤨 #constrictionindustry

Anyway my reason for this latest #blog post is because I’m multitasking 🤷‍♀️ (as I do) by still going through and sorting out all my things from storage... you name it (cv’s, modelling pics, books, cds, ornaments etc.)  it’s all here 🤪 as I love looking back on old/past memories 🤔

I’ll be sure to share some of what I find... with this one being one items, a #book by someone that I admired, plus who I was referred to on a few occasions (black version) obvs!!! 🤪 

| was able to relate to her (in some ways) but most of all I’ve always respected the fact that regardless of whatever she done or what people said... she always managed to come back “stronger” 👊. 

For me her biggest life challenge from publishing her #1st #autobiography called #beingjordan back in #2004 when I was 23yrs old 😍 • was the birth of her first son... the lovely and blessed #Harvey  🙌

When I say #God is GR8... he really is! Knowing full well that I’ve not been AS proactive (a little) as I should be in regards to completing my first ✍️ official #memoir #selfpublished book! 

Only he knows how testing it’s been... even more so having to think 💭 or remember back to certain points in ur life, which you’d either buried, locked away, forgotten or its something that’s fresh (like it happened yesterday) but you simply still would rather not re-think it!

But hey 🤷‍♀️ that’s what you gotta do... if your wanting to write a #nonfiction book about ur life journey. Otherwise a, what’s the point... ya get mi!!! 😉

But unlike this no.1 bestseller who had a (ghostwriter) who wrote her books (which is a great thing to do) I have professional editors and ghostwriters, who have had a little input for one of my chapters but apart from that it’s me “The Lady In Control” aka #TheLIC that is in 💯control!

And now I think I’ll get it completed even more quicker... having found this book that was I think one of the 1st Autobiography’s I’d read, which inspired me even more about writing a book... one day.  

I pray to God that once I’ve FINALLY 🤦‍♀️ finished the remaining parts to my book... that it too will one day become a no.1 Bestselle🤞📚🙏 to like @KatiePrice 🙌

“Ask, Believe, Receive”

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