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#LoveIsland (wtf) Samira only... Really!!!!

28.06.2018: ‪HERE we go again... 😏!!! It’s 🤮 to see that STILL is 2018... I still only seeing 1 (2, if we’re lucky) non-Caucasian #black 👈👉#ladiesofcolour on TV 📺 wither it’s #RealityTV #soaps #films 🤷‍♀️ WTF!!! It’s ok to promote... the fake (full lips, full arse, browning of the skin) something with god naturally blessed #ladiesofcolour with BUT YET all these production companies / producers don’t want to give us ‘air time’ due to either being threatened by the #blackness / #hating / unsupportive / you name it... it’s all fucking negative 👎 bullshit! Only samira was ‘worthy’ in the selection process of getting on Love Island this year, which they think it’s ok because they added a piece of colour. KMFT @itv2fittest (Survival of the Fittest) put two 👏🙄🙌 on their Reality TV show being; @mariammusa and @mettissecampbell) and that was it! I try my hardest to 🤐 but having been a grafter for 2 decades... trying to make it within the Entertainment business, applying for all sorts of castings including Reality TV and NEVER been given a chance 🤔 is that because I’m too opinionated, real, honest, outspoken, in debt 🤦‍♀️, not Caucasian... only God knows? Either way “it is what it is” and I will continue as I have done all these years to put myself forward for Auditions and speaking my mind on topics/subjects like this that really disappoints, makes me annoyed and needs to be spoken about! Racism, lack of diversity, lack of ALL ethnicities - is highlighted everyday on TV and hope to god I see a major change one day... plus a law change in the selections process of any production having equal amounts of ethnicities and not more of 1 race!!! #YerISaidIt

Maybe I’m not seeing right 🤣 but do u see any #black #mixed females in this new lineup soon to enter #LoveIsland ❌ my point exactly!!!  

Then there’s the civil Big Brother with ‪@endemolshineuk ‬to come... again (no change) expected on the ethnicity diversity

here either because it’s obvious her in the uk 🇬🇧 it’s a 95% #CaucasianWorld and anything else is just a bonus!!! #Fact 👊

I don’t need to be chosen for any reality tv because #IAm Reality...👇@anikkaforbes 

• Real • Easy-Going • Ambitious, • Loyal • Interesting • Too honest 4 my own good • Yer, I said it!!!!

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