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Which of my (162+) #Vlogs 👉 @TheChatBackShow 👈


👉 #Vlogs @TheChatBackShow 👈

Mon 30th: 

I originally set up this YouTube Channel #chatbackshow back in 2011... but deleted it back in 2013🤬 (due to) listening 🙄to someone I’d meet through networking and to make it worse (I’d only known him for 2mins) at a time!  Kmt!!!

What can I say... at that time I was going through one of my (low, too much thinking) and not enough ‘BELIEVING in myself’ moments and stupidly allowed this persons #bias #male #vision cloud my mind 🧠 


I’d not long moved to west-London when I experiencing the #BIGGEST, #SHOCKING, #UPSETTING and #UNEXPECTED drama 😲😩🤭

It had (nothing to do with me) but as always... drama always seems to follow me 🤷‍♀️ but I have ✨No Regrets✨ as it was just another part of my #LifeJourney AND as the saying goes;

“What doesn’t break you... ONLY makes you STRONGER” 🙌🙏👊 

You can #read more about this experience in my “working progress book” 


It will be ready and published in time for #christmas (my Xmas present) 2 decades later 👏👏to myself!!! 

So click on the link above and get watching;

The CHATBACK Show “where anything goes” 

Let me know WHICH of my 162 Vlogs... so far are your;

• Favourite 

• Funniest

• Heart-felt

• Interesting 

• Worst 

CHATBACK and share your view...


Enjoy 😝


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