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I Passed 👏👏 #cscs Test

Tues 2nd Oct ‘2018: @14:30pm

FINALLY, re-done this test for the 2nd time... having 1st taken it back in #2011 and it ran-out 🤦‍♀️in #2016 

Without a doubt having brought the #app to practice on 💯was worth the £6 spent Be cause it’s at hand whenever needed, if you want to refresh your 🤯 or maybe need to double check something!!!

I went to the #testcentre in #uxbridge and now heading home feeling #happy 😬 and just need to get my card delivered to me... and have another 5yrs to use it. 👌

Though I’m still undecided 🤷‍♀️ if I still want to work within the #construtionindustry but only #timewilltell 

A big thank you to the team at ESP in #westealing (Colin and Hira) for the 2wk #refresher course and for paying for the #test to all who attended 

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