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Final Blog for 2018

Final #blog for 2018 peeps 🙌... 

First and Foremost I want to give THANKS to my (Gr8 living God) 4 my Health, Ability through these last 365 days... because without these 2 things (is unthinkable) 🙏‬ ‪This year has most def been a mix between feeling like I’m going through a late-30s (mid-life crises) 🤦‍♀️ and not knowing wither I’m (coming or going) 😳

From feeling feed-up of working within the construction industry... but loving it at the same time 🙄‬ to racking my brain 🧠 over all my written material and what to do with it all!!!  Thinking of more project ideas 💡 and just feeling so (nothing new) 🤣

‪This year aged 37 has been 1 of my ‘brokest’ times... but god saw me through (amen) and I’ve got a roof over my head which I’m humbled and grateful for everyday.‬ 

Only 2 regrets from this year... 1st: 🤨 Not yet #publishing my written #

nonfiction book aka #hiddenprincess but #2019 🤞 it will be #complete 🙏 ‬ 2nd: Having all contact with my beautiful niece and nephew taken away... by their Mum 😏‬ ‪R.I.P to the 3 people who passed 🖤‬ ‪For any new people that came into my life this year... pleasure and for any old/new that are no longer present (for whatever reason) wish u all the best for 2019, wither you deserve it or not! 🤪‬ With my birthday near in less than 2wks... my 38th is approaching and I hope to see it (by Gods Grace). 

What this new year, new age has in store... only the God knows, but I’m ready for all the positive glory, opportunities, unexpecteds and more. 🙏 Adding a new section to my blog called #nickydiaries2009 via my website. Throwback to my life journey when I was 28yrs old... still living in #southeastlondon Starting from the 1st Jan - obviously I can only blog a page in my diary which I have written something, so for any days within the next 12mths... that are blank will be missed out and everything else will be added in! 

Goodbye 2018 and Welcome 🥂2019 stepping into the new year... like 🤳

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