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Spoke to Kez | Spoke to Terry @E-Look

Wed 7th Jan ‘2009...

I got into work at 10am today and got straight into uploading drawings and documents to Skandocs.

I didn’t think Shaun was coming in... but he did and as always, he was making me laugh so much.

I had a call from Terry calling to see how I was and to rearrange our meeting about all the ideas that he has... as well as what projects he wants to work with me on and me assisting him with his paperwork.

Basically, becoming his PA (personal assistance) on a part-time basis.

We’ve arranged to meet on Thursday 15th at The O2, so look forward to meeting up with him then... as we’ve been talking on the phone for a good few mths.

I called to speak to Kayla briefly, but she was at her friends... so she said she’d call me back!

So, I decided to call Kez to see how she was doing! In all honesty... it’s scary to see that she is going through exactly what I was back in 2006/7.

The ULTIMATE low, feeling down, depressed and worthless to name a few... and I feel for her!!!

I told her she needs a reading with my superb medium and I would pay for her to go and have one done. Because she’s gone as far as she can and needs some guidance, answers and insight to her life. She just broke down into tears as we were speaking, and it hurts to know that I can’t drive to see her... as I’ve no car yet!

Pat aka Crystal (medium) was recommended to me a few years back and been going to her ever since. She lives in Downham and whenever I needed direction, answers to questions or simply to have certain things (which I already knew) confirmed via her using the tarot cards.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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