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Heard from Objective Productions

Thurs 8th Jan ‘2009...

Got into work today on site at the Greenwich Peninsula project working for a well-known company called Skanska... as a Site Secretary.

When I logged on my computer... I’d already had two emails in my inbox which were both from Terry aka (Mr Riggs) about two ‘casting jobs’ he came across.

One was for a music video and the other was an acting role.

Then a few hours later he sent me another email about a role as a mum for a short feature-film called ‘From the root to the Fruit’. I read the script and I loved it!!!

It’s about a boy that got released from prison and has converted to Muslim faith... but his old skool boys can’t accept it or that his no longer interested in that life, anymore.

Awaiting to find out when it will be filmed and if I will get to audition for the role!

I also had a call from 'Objective Productions' they wanted me to do a similar prank set-up... like I’d done prior for ‘The Real Hustle’ but I decided not to go ahead as it was only a few weeks... that we filmed the other 1.

Actor (James Hyland) text to find out if we could meet to watch a DVD, which I thought would be at his, but he wanted to come to mine. I didn’t think it was appropriate to have him sat on my bed, so we’ve rescheduled for another time.

When I left work @7pm, AJ was asking when he can take me out for dinner! Then as I was walking, I saw Dennis from Bovis and we had a nice chat as we walked together to the station. His nice!

Then when I got home and checked my emails Remi... came online (msn) and sent me a message saying;

All now I don’t c you and I told u t come down. Thanks

I didn’t even bother replying.

Got interview for PA/Administrator job in Croydon on Monday.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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