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Asshole | Meeting Today with Terry @SAD Entertainment

Thurs 15th Jan ‘2009

Today was like any other usual Skanska day at work, where I was bored but very happy because Mr Matthew was not in... which I found out due to his automated ‘out of office’ message, that he was off for a week... Thank God!

He is such an ass-hole... I just can’t even stand seeing him let alone having him speak to me, kiss teet!!!

All now since November when he took me and Marika to the ‘London Eye’ then for a few drinks. And out of nowhere he just stormed out, like he was my man and we’d had an argument. Idiot!

Till this day I don’t know what that was about... nor do I care because he is not a decent friend/boss that I thought he was, he is a little boy who sulks if he doesn’t get is way!

I meet up with Terry today from (E-look Models/SAD Ent.) as soon as I saw him, I remembered who he was! Went to the restaurant called Zizi as my belated-birthday treat from him to me... which was really, sweet of him.

And one of the staff members brought us x2 glasses of Champagne as he overheard us talking about it being my birthday a few days ago.

We spoke about what we’d been up to, relationships, kids etc. Then we got down to business where he showed me a few interesting scripts... that a few of his writers have put together and there are many great ideas.

Then he went through the different sides to his business and what he’d like me to assist with as his PA (personal assistant) he wants me to distribute the company’s ideas for Sponsorship, Marketing etc. to any and everyone in the Entertainment Business.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

We were getting nuff jokes and had a really nice evening and then we headed to the station and made my way home.

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