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Attended Audition For: West Africa's Next Top Model | Mystery Caller (Michael Salvucci) Talent

Sat 17th Jan ‘2009:

I woke up today warm and cosy in Lewis’s bed (having stayed over at mums). As I made my way to the bathroom, I was so shocked to hear the strong wind and rain outside... that I just wanted to run back to bed.

Thank god by the time Me, Mum, Lewis set out at 07:50am it had all stopped.

We meet and Shannon at the bus-stop on (Bromley Road) and made our way to our 2nd swimming lesson... I’m so loving swimming or should I say

‘learning how to swim’.

Aunty. Pet and Dom were already there so we went straight to the changing rooms and got dressed into our swimwear then went straight to the pool. We done some of what we done last week (going on our front and back with floats). was struggling a little but we all were doing well. I was then told to swim using one float and using one hand to swim... then changing to the other side. My right side was fine but the left side was difficult, but I still done it.

I feel really, proud and confident in myself that before long I will be swimming fine! Once we finished, I got showered, dressed and then I heard someone scream out.

Aunty. Pet had fallen in the changing-room!!!

I made my way home... so that I could go get some shoes on and collect my ‘modelling portfolio’ for the audition. I checked to see where ‘western avenue’ was and it was via the Bakerloo Line... nice and simple!

I got to the audition location and made my way down the stairs and it was so overwhelming to see a ‘Black Panel of Judges’ and ones that were from Africa. There were 5 girls before me... then it was my turn to get up and talk about myself, my experience which I received great feedback on, and they loved my portfolio.

I had to do a quick filming session where I had to say my name and why I wanted to be a part of (West Africa’s Next Top Model and my response was;

I’d like to be a contestant in 'West Africa’s Next Top Model’

because even though I’ve never been there (Africa)

I think the people would be happy to have me

represent and anyone with the surname



©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

I think the people there would be happy to have me represent.

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