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Had A Mystery Caller Phone Last Night

Sun 18th Jan ‘2009:

Last night when Tasha was down at mine... I received a mystery call from a guy called Michael? and he told me he was a Talent Scout or something! He was asking me questions about my modelling etc. and how he had a few projects.

Then he asked;

If I believed that most of the models sleep

with Top People

to get to where they want!

My response;

Maybe they do...but

I’m not that way inclined

So, ‘Each to their Own’ but it’s not for me!

Then he asked if we could... meet up! But when he started to ask if I had great thighs and how I rated myself I thought it was a little sleazy. So, I asked him if he has a website and got the response that I knew he would say... which was;

My site is currently down

and has been for a few months

I was still a little curious to find out what this man was really after and I said to him;

Maybe we’ll meet next Sunday

It’s now Sunday and I called back on the number he gave me (Michael Salvucci) and was all prepared to meet him... but then changed my mind again as I couldn’t be bothered to go home and get sorted, plus it was my Sunday to relax and chill.

We arranged to meet on Thursday as he said he was going to Dubai, so I agreed and left it at that.

Ronald (mums’ boyfriend) cooked some great food which went down well. Uncle Godfrey came with some afters too.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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