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Tuesday 3rd Feb ‘2009:

I got up after 6am and got sorted and made my way to the train station... but there were still no trains running from Penge West and so there was no way for me to get to work, other than to get on a bus. LONG!!!

Aunty Me, called to tell me that the DLR from Lewisham was running... so I decided to get on the ‘75’ bus down to Lewisham, then get on the DLR. I got into work at 10:45am

The snow outside looked so great and beautiful apart from all the parts that was turning into Black Ice, so it was quite slippery and left work at 5pm.

I went straight down to mums... with my sick (unwell) self! I had some lovely bolognaise, corned-beef with mash-potato that Ronald (mums’ boyfriend) had made... he is a fab cook. Then Mum made me some ‘honey and lemon’... but my head and my throat were killing me, I just felt so rotten!

After being on the internet for a while, I logged off and went to have a wash then to relax in Lewis’s (fresh new room) which Ronald sorted out for him.

Me and T, exchanged a few texts! I asked him if he wanted to get;

Up, Close and Personal with me?

He was keen... and responded back;

Are you inviting me to yours?

I asked;

What do you have in mind?

He responded;

I can come and collect you...

we go to a hotel and you wear the sexy underwear that I like!

I felt uneasy and a little cheap (if I’m honest) and I told him exactly that... then explained that ‘it’s just how I feel’ and his not to feel bad about it.

He texted back apologising and sounded understanding... then said;

Either way... I want to see you soon. x

Was I over reacting?!?

©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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