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#MeToo in 2008/9

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

‪The #MeToo movement matters. And it has only just begun. Today I stand up for those who have spoken out. ‬

I 💯 support the #metoo movement... even more so having had my own experience 😡 back in ‘2009 working within the construction industry with a TOP well known company!!!

My #nickydiaries2009 blog has all the info... of my ordeal, stress, tears, unfair dismissal and disgust from this man!

Who took his position to ‘end my contract’ because I no longer wanted to talk, speak... let alone work along side this ARSE-Hole 🤬

I have all the evidence or text, emails and his incident, out of order photo... of his ⁉️

“What happens in the Dark... ALWAYS comes to LIGHT” 

So Mr Baker.... if u thought that my #metoo experience with you had been buried, ur mistaken!!! 

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