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My view... so blatant and clear to see the message/statement that the police 🚓 are trying to send to the; Travelling / Gypsy Community We are all worthy of that... the standard (yellow and black sign) asking for people to get in contact with any info. KMT And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse... this BBC online article is to deep for words!!

I haven’t read anything about this... until today, having been feeling so angry 😤 and confused 🤨 at how the scene of this fatal car crash... has not been acknowledged by the police 🚓 (those encharge) of having a sign asking for help, more info!

I think this disregard of the husband, wife and their unborn is so inhumane - I’m not feeling this off-key treatment... so making it known!!!

I am a resident on Western Avenue, living no more than 2-3mins away, who passes by this spot everyday and expected to see that  (standard) sign asking for more info from the public 

I’m speaking out as a member of the public who believes (everyone is worthy of being treated fairly) when it comes to dealing with the police! 

Latest Update... #yerisaidit

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