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I was sat doing my work and talking to the others around me... when Matthew aka (Mr Baker) came over to Dave cussing about not being able to get the labourers on the phone.

He said to Dave;

Go find them and tell them to get on with the job as I’ve been trying to get them on the radio but can’t understand a Fucking word that their saying!!!

Fucking out of order that was... as the senior Project Manager he should be setting an example!

I nearly told him exactly that because I was offended by it... as the reason why he is saying this about the non-English labourers is because they are African and have their standard native accent.

But their accent is not that strong that you can’t understand them... because me and Dave Allan spoke to them frequently on the radio without no problem.

He thinks his fucking smart but really he is being a RACIST BASTERD... because the simple fact is he said that in front of me knowing that I can’t stand him but having me as the only Black person within our Skanska team and the only 1 who wouldn’t ‘piss on him’ if he was on fire

He MAKEs Me Sick... the sleazy arse-hole!!!

God ain’t sleeping... these men like him who think they can treat a female anyway will get what’s coming to them. #RealTalk


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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