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SUN 5th APRIL ‘2009:

It’s the early hours of the morning and neither me or Hannah have been on stage yet, now were feeling tired, fed-up, annoyed and just want to go home.

Hannah fell asleep on the sofa and at about 04:30am while I was trying my best to ‘soldier-it-out’, by the next time I looked at the time it was 05:40am, Hannah had woken up, had enough and was ready to leave.

I was PISSED that we didn’t do what we were meant to do, and I had been looking forward to ‘strutting’ my stuff up and down the stage. KMT! 😒

I got home at 06:20am, mum answered the door for me, and we spoke briefly... she told me that the lady at ‘Fuse’ wants us to make some food for her birthday party, next Friday or Saturday. Excellent.

Also found out today that my Cuzie Claire is pregnant again, after just giving birth 5mths ago. OMG, god isn’t playing with her... excited.😁


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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