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FRI 10th APRIL ‘2009:

We all went down to Aunty Marie’s today for Easter Good Friday... I didn’t get there until after 12pm.

Nan had arrived from the Nursing Home since 09:30am... I greeted everyone then told us all that uncle Tony and Rowan came in late (thought she was talking about his brother) until she confirmed it was actually his cousin from Canada.

I was shocked as she’d not mentioned that he was coming over... I think she purposely didn’t tell me; they all know he likes me!

Anyway he was upstairs and came down to greet us all with a kiss (on the cheek) then we had a brief chat... the whole day was great.

Then Mum received a text from Del, telling her that he was ‘sick’ and straight away I knew something was wrong... but ended up forgetting about it!

We ate lovely food; Tricia came with her soup... which ended up ‘going-off’ so we I didn’t get any (pissed)

Later in the evening all the guys being Uncle Tony, Ronald, Rowan and uncle Godfrey... all played ‘Domino's’.

Then I decided to have me, Mum, Aunty. me and Aunty. Pet play the ‘Drink Board Game’ where you have to drink, drink and drink until you (knock out) aka (can’t drink any more).

It was so much jokes, even more when Rowan joined us and then when he got a card which gave him the opportunity to ‘kiss’ someone within the game... he chose me and from there the flirting increased.

I had a call after 3am from _________ we ended up meeting in the rain and shared a few great kisses in the alleyway.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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