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When did u last (if ever) go and have yourself tested for being clear, fresh of any STI’s 🤔

This is something I don’t play with ‘my body’ or my ‘middle section’ when it comes to sex... wither;

• protected

• accident

• condom buss

• bare back (the best) YES, we all know this...

But u can’t let any man / female feel ya goodness (juices) 😛 even more so if it’s random and you someone who likes to

• don’t care

• sleep about

• sex addict

• don’t like protecting yourself

You can’t tell what a person has got going on (in side) and not all symptoms are visible. Therefore u should do at least a 6mthly check-up (sexually active or not) 💯

Anyway having gone to my clinic for my usual (6mth check-up) I was surprised to hear a new system has been introduced where u now (do it yourself) testing.

Watch my latest vlog ☝️ via the link above

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