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MON 13th APRIL ‘2009:

Last day off work before I’m back to that stinking job tomorrow.

Again, I didn’t sleep as late as I’d expected and was up just after 11am. I had some fish (for breakfast) that Mum done and then I had Charl’s call me.

She told me that ______ had confessed to her (what her gut feeling) has been thinking all along, _______ had been entertaining the same guy that’s Charl’s was seeing... late last year!!!

Joke Business... as expected Charl’s was upset and shocked at what she’d been told. Then when she told me the foolish excuses that _______ was coming of with as to why she had been talking etc... I just had to just laugh.

I continued listening and told Charl’s ‘not to worry’ as she has greatness around the corner and this year is her year to shine and fingers x she’ll get through to Xfactor.

Then later that day as Mum was dishing out the dessert, the phone rang, and it was someone calling about Del. 🤦‍♀️

They were calling from Psychiatric Department in Lewisham Hospital to tell mum that Del was there due to him ‘stabbing himself’. They didn’t want to leave him alone but had no choice but to send him home!!!

Later I called Del to see where/how he was and he pretended to be walking home (silence in the background) he was back at home. He told me he ‘stabbed himself’ yesterday but we couldn’t see as he’d put on a black top.

Told him to STOP looking for the easy way out and face up to his problems and seek help. I also spoke to ______, she’s OK but having serious headaches and going to the hospital to get it checked out.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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