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SUN 19th APRIL ‘2009:

Woke up just after 2pm today at mums and got sorted... then we had uncle Godfrey pass round (as he does) but unfortunately there was no food! He’d brought dessert... so him and mum ate it.

I left out from Mum’s after 5pm and got the train from Bellingham home and got in just after 6pm. Then I started packing up a few things and then Charl’s came around for a few hours. We chatted, had a little smoke while I was still packing up my things.

Can’t believe that I’ll soon be back in Catford again having left there back in mid ‘2004 and next mth... I’ll be back to my old endz, this time living in the heart of Catford, back in a 2 bed flat instead of this tiny studio which has had me inhaling the deadly damp/fungus which I spotted while packing.

I’m gonna turn a new leaf by trying to be healthier, going to the gym and cooking more! I also want to do the TV presenting and Housing Officer course. I need to get as much done while I can and get myself a lodger when I move into the new flat.

Later, I checked my emails... I’d received 1 from a guy called Harry Hayes... he’d emailed to ask if I’d be interested in him building me a website. He’d sent me a few links to other I checked out a few sites that he’d done... so checked them out and they were all good.

Getting a website done is years overdue and though ____ offered to do me 1, I don’t think she’d get it done anytime soon.


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